Bonus Copyright Access (the Swedish Reproduction Rights Organisation) has been in existence for more than 40 years and is a copyright organisation representing 15 professional and industrial organisations, including BLF.

Bonus Copyright Access represents copyright owners and publishers, and producers of books, teaching material, press, sheet music and pictures of varying kinds.

Safeguarding interests

Bonus Copyright Access protects the idealistic and economic interests of the copyright owners, such as photographers, by disseminating information and negotiating agreements on copying with those who wish to copy pictures from books and literature. Its work also includes collecting, managing and disbursing fees for the duplication of literary and artistic works and photographic images.

License to copy

A considerable number of licensing agreements have been signed with schools, colleges and universities to allow them to copy books, magazines and newspapers. Companies and authorities also sign licensing agreements for photocopying material from magazines, newspapers etc. The licenses allow these organisations to copy such material for internal distribution and use. The Swedish Church has signed an agreement with Bonus Copyright Access to permit churches to photocopy material for church services.

Monitoring compliance

One of Bonus Copyright Access’s key tasks is to monitor compliance with the agreements that the Organisation has entered into with schools, universities and other parties. It does so by visiting educational institutions where actual copying practices are compared with agreed copying regulations. Discrepancies are pointed out and, if a violation of the agreement is found, the institution is liable for payment of damages or is required to clear rights directly with the copyright owner(s).

International partnerships

Bonus Copyright Access monitors copyright issues for Swedish and non-Swedish copyright owners. Substantial amounts of the fees collected as payment for copying in Sweden are disbursed to representatives of copyright owners in other countries each year. Similarly, copyright fees are collected from other countries through reciprocal agreements and are distributed to Swedish copyright owners.