The Swedish Picture Suppliers Association (BLF) is the trade association for companies working in the picture industry. Our members include professional photographers and film makers, picture agencies, picture archives and news illustrators. The Association was founded in 1950 and currently has some 300 member companies.

Our operations

BLF supports and protects the copyright interests of its members. We define standard, industry-wide terms and conditions of delivery. BLF acts as a consultative body for new legislative proposals on copyright-related issues and provides legal advice for our members. We aim to be a full-service trade association for our members. Membership in another organisation should not be necessary. BLF is the trade association for professionals, which means that you, the customer, can turn to our member companies with confidence and the assurance of quality results.

BLF Bildhantering AB

BLF’s service company is called BLF Bildhantering AB and oversees the management of the Association’s financial activities. The company is responsible for the distribution of BLF’s price lists, printed matter, membership directory, etc. BLF Bildhantering AB is wholly owned by the Association and its members.

What do we do for our members?

Legal advice and financial support

Free, over-the-phone legal advice on copyright, prices and agreements. As a member of BLF, you are entitled to receive help with copyright-related matters and legal advice. BLF establishes industry-wide terms and conditions of delivery and compiles statistics on billing. Members are able to receive financial support from BLF’s copyright fund in copyright litigation cases. This support is important to members who are victims of image theft.

Membership directory

All members are presented in a searchable database on BLF’s website. Excellent promotion for your company!


BLF has together with Gefvert Insurance Brokers developed an affordable insurance package for all members. It is divided into several parts to fit as many as possible.

Latest sector news

All the latest sector news and issues are presented on the website. BLF’s members also receive a copy of CEPIC’s newsletter, in English, full of information about what is happening in the industry in Europe – at no extra cost.

Photo and Video Guides and agreement templates

Our popular Photo and Video Guides and agreement templates are included in BLF membership and can be downloaded from the membership page of the website.

Workshops and seminars

In association with various companies, BLF provides opportunities for its members to participate, either free or for a small fee, in a range of workshops and seminars.

Press card

BLF’s international press card is available to BLF members and employees of BLF’s member companies. Members are entitled to a press card if they provide proof that they work directly with press photography. BLF’s press ID is one of the few approved press cards, comparable with the cards of the Swedish Press Photographers’ Association (PFK) and the Swedish Union of Journalists. Find out more about how to apply for a press card.

Agreements with the daily press

BLF has an agreement with the Swedish Media Publishers’ Association (TU) regulating the rates and terms for editorial photography.

Discounts and membership benefits

BLF members enjoy many benefits and to make membership even more valuable we have negotiated with other companies and organisations to bring members even more interesting opportunities. BLF’s Board works actively to provide more advantages to members. Many of the benefits listed below are so great that you can easily recover the cost of your BLF membership fee.

Membership of Cepic

You automatically become a member of Cepic and are listed in its directory which is distributed to purchasers of pictures in Europe. BLF is a member of CEPIC – the Coordination of European Picture Agencies Press Stock Heritage. CEPIC is an association of picture agencies and picture agency organisations in 17 European countries, with its head office in Berlin.

What else?

BONUS Presskopia

Each year, BONUS presskopia awards funds to copyright organisations for various purposes, such as copying of educational material. BLF is one of the founding members of BONUS and works, in conjunction with other copyright organisations in the field of images, with the distribution of funding in the image management group.